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Global Product Registration & Identification




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All Access Vendors  receive a monthly dividend share percentage of all subscriptions. To determine earning potential, interact with the Dividend Calculator below.  
Requirement: Media Must be 3Star or above to qualify 


The All Access Programs is available for:

Movies     Music     Books     EDUs     News Videos and Indepth Reports



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Vendor Information

Today, you need a platform to gain awareness to promote and sell your products

The internet is saturated with blogs, personal and business websites, and ads. Pay-per-click ads to obtain first page placement is expensive with low ROI. Penbyte is a Marketing Cooperative that understands your needs, the needs of consumers, and has a vision that incorporates fair exposure to spur entrepreneurialism -- a vision and mission we believe neccessary to ensure the security of our global economic systems. 


The Penbyte Difference ?

Created by Creatives for Creatives, Fair Exposure, and Fair Market Share

Penbyte is a non-for-profit, our mission is to ensure fair marketing exposure for all members of society, to ensure all have a voice and are able to offer their skills, services and products to the market place at fair marketing rates. 


Why Sell with Penbyte

  1. Penbyte is an Author, Artist, Creative, and Small Business Fair Exposure Marketing Platform
  2. Live online product and service provider interviews
  3. Consumer, personal, and professional networking so your customers can get to know and invest in the success of your business
  4. List your products free based on a 2-8% payable commission structure
  5. Random front page and category product and service listings
  6. Trackable marketing
  7. Secure Media Subscription Service for: Movies, Music, eBooks, Blogs Reports & News Stories
  8. Full Control over Pricing and Discounts 
  9. ISBNs are not required to sale Print Books



  1. Local Product and Service Listings
  2. Fair Exposure based on Front & Category Page Random Display
  3. Real-Time Marketing & Advertising Effectiveness Tracking
  4. Immediate Payment through Paypal
  5. No Paypal Account? - Request Vendor Checks
  6. Free GIDs for Product Identification Codes
  7. Streaming HD Media Options for Movie Rental & Music Vendors
  8. Connect with your customers through private and open networking groups & forums
  9. Investing in a marketing cooperative saves you the cost of website development and marketing
  10. Create a website is just the beginning of the marketing process
  11. Membership subscriptions are available for premium services: Online Appointment Scheduling, Online Movie Rentals & Streaming, Guest Room Accommodations, and Secure Music Streaming


List your products and services

How to list products and services

  1. Register on Penbyte
  2. Vendor Account Subscription



  1. ISBN is not required for eBooks, Print Editions, nor products with our Free Global Identification Product Numbers (GIDs)
  2. Payments - Vendors receive 92% of sales revenue for their books, minus credit card processing fees (approx 2.6% through paypal processing)
  3. Service Options:

Secure eBook with copy and print protection
Movie Rentals
Secure Music Streams 



Service Listings & online Appointment Booking



Sell Used Products, Books, and Gifts



Submit Articles to the All Access News Fund - "Byte" for your portion of the Independent Writer and Reporter Subscription Fund



Live Online Showcase

Print Catalogue (Quarterly)

Advertising Co-operative Local (EDDM)