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Economic Survey Instructions

We hear stories, we are told numbers, but does anyone truly know the state of our economic system? Can the data we receive from government officials and polling companies be trusted?  Help us determine the true state of our economy by compelting this 1-Minute Employment Poll. This poll will be for the month of February to the end of March, and avialble for comparison to government figures for March 2016.

  1. Type your Country, City, and State
  2. Options: 
    a) if you are totally responsible for paying your own bills type "Adult"
    b) if you are dependent on a spouse to help or to pay your bill type "Dependent"
    c) if you are still in college type "College"
  3. Options:
    a) If you are gainfully employed/self-employed type “Employed”
    b) If you are under-employed type “Under Employed”
    (definition: you can’t pay all of your basic expenses independently based on your wages – and you are not wasting your funds)
    c) If you are 1) not employed 2) looking for and 3) need a job type “Unemployed”
    d) If you are not employed, and not looking for work because you do not need to work type: “Not Employed” 
    e) if you are retired type "Retired"
  4. State your average work hours per week
  5. State your career field or industry, and your Job Title (or previous title)

If your status changes before the end of March, please – send us an email to have your response updated, email to: iamwe@advancn.org
Your email address will only be used to inform you of survey results