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W. Iamwe Ph.D.

"I attended catholic mass for years and never heard of the things mentioned in the Amen Code. Yet, there it was right in the bible. Now I have a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of the bible - its not what I was led to believe..."

Evidence Charts

Once downloaded you will be able to interact with the spreadsheets and view the formulas.

Sign of Jonah

Golden Lampstand

Seal of God

The Consummation

The Nine Guards

The Ineffable

The 13th Aeon

Raising the Dead

The Death Flip

The Veil

Immanuel 888

New Jerusalem

The Eighth (8TH)

Perfect Solution - a documentary film series will investigates if global unification through a truly transparent and fair economic system is possible, the issues that prevent unification, and the challenges we as a society will need to overcome to bring about global peace.

Willit Monetary System

Advancian - Systemic Reform Movement

Project InDivisible - Global Econonomic and Social Security. A guide to global monetary, economic, and social equality.

Amen Code

Mathematical Proof of the Existence of God, Multiple Universes, and Parallel Dimensions based on Jesus Gnostic and Biblical Teachings

Ka the Beginning

Pre Sale - Release Date June 2016