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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 15:21

Quality Assurance

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The Quality Rating of content and products on Penbyte is based on Reviews and Ratings by Customers and Members who have actually purchased the content or product.

Should an Author's or Artist's Quailty Rating not meet the 3-Star Requirement based on a minimum of 10 reviews, the content or product is removed from public view.

Should an Author or Artist wish to relist their content or product an Editorial Review is required. 


Wednesday, 02 December 2015 10:26

Help us change the share percentage

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Can you imagine life without music? Without books? Without stories? Without beauty? Or, without your favorite Blog or Discussion Group?


Did you know?

Amazon pays book authors 35 percent or less for every ebook they sell.
Their "70 percent royalty" does not exist (see royalty example below).
That means Amazon makes 65 percent for providing website services and awareness -- six times more than the standard 10 to 15 percent for sales assistance.

Amazon Royalty:

Amazon pricing


It’s time to reject corporate profiteering and compensate the people who actually do the work.


Help us change the share percentage

Authors and Artists in the Penbyte Cooperative receive 92% of all sales. Penbyte’s eight percentage (8%) is invested in cooperative marketing efforts.

Join us and help to make the motto of "hard work for fair compensation" a reality to help feed and clothe the Authors and Artists who provide your content and products.


How you can help

Purchase your content and products directly from Artists on Penbyte.com

Purchase content that is Fair Share Certified by Penbyte

Purchase an All Access Penbyte subscription:

News and Information

Only purchase used content if you truly can’t afford new content rates

Help to promote the products you like on Penbyte - Use the add to on the product's page to recommend it on your favorite social sites

If you borrow content and appreciate it, contact the author or artist on Penbyte.com and make a direct personal donation

Authors and Artists - Offer your content exclusively on Penbyte.com


Thank You for Your Support,

Authors, Artists, Creatives, and the Staff of Penbyte

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