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Take 1-minute to determine your true value, and the compensation you would receive if you lived in a truly Democratic and Equitable world.

Amen Code Evidence Challenge (Contest - Win $888 USD)

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Win $888 USD Cash Prize

Project InDivisible - A strategic plan for economic security and social stability

Project InDivisible is a reform movement focused on the creation of interdependent technological applications for: global monetary stability, production efficiency and ecological effect tracking and analysis, resource provision, democracy elevation; education equality, affordability, and motivation; job creation and global employment stability; fiscal transparency and accountability; local, national, and international debt settlement, and policy reform for the prevention of domestic and international violence.

54,000 Christian Leaders Challenged to solve the oldest Unsolved Riddle within their Bibles

On February 18, 2016 the Order of AdvanCN issued a challenge to all Christian Orders, Churches, Priests, and Clergy, to prove their wisdom and insight per the command of Revelation 13:18.

Social Media Government Surveillance - Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and Linkedin

Microsoft, Facebook, Google,  Yahoo and Linkedin release US surveillance requests

Mineism Capitalism Psychosis

Scientists and Doctors are tapping into and understanding the constructs of the natural world and have created lucrative industries based on the exploration and exploitation of the processes made use of by our natural world and universe.
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False Prophets and Saints – Teaching not Preaching the bible

In the course of my conversations with Christians there seems to be a misunderstanding of Biblical text.