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54,000 Christian Leaders Challenged to solve the oldest Unsolved Riddle within their Bibles

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On February 18, 2016 the Order of AdvanCN issued a challenge to all Christian Orders, Churches, Priests, and Clergy, to prove their wisdom and insight per the command of Revelation 13:18.

"This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666."
(NIV) Rev. 13:18

The challenge comes from Author Wrina Iamwe whose simple five page decipherment is contained in a larger decryption manuscript, “Amen Code – Mathematical Proof of God, Multiple Universes, and Parallel Dimension, based on Jesus’ Gnostic and Biblical Teachings”.

The 666 Beast Prophecy is believed to be the key to determining if the claim of "divine inspiration" is from God, and has yet to solved by any Christian.

If religious leaders cannot decipher the mysteries within their own book, are they in contact with God? If they are, surely, God will deliver the required wisdom, and insight for this challenge.

Many of the men who claim to be led by God, have caused many people to reject God.

The leadership of the Churches is lacking, as is the leadership of our nation. Thus, the challenge is issued to all who believe they know God’s Laws and will, be he or she a priest or politician.

If nothing else is achieved by this challenge, it is hoped that God’s name will never again be used to call for another war by a “God fearing”  president, nor condoned by the priests and clergy who serve the armed forces of corrupt leaders. And  to prevent further abuses by priests Christians believed in without question. For surely through prayer, the clergy can invoke God to deliver the answer to his elect.

The challenge is also submitted in hopes that all Christians may unite, even if it is only to jointly confirm the meaning of one passage of our fractioned faith.  

Challenger, Wrina Iamwe, also requests that an independent panel of judges, accept the submissions, that the submissions be posted on a freely accessible website so everyone may view the submissions, and desires each submitter to have an opportunity to present and debate their evidence, so the people of the churches may judge and confirm the evidence within the submissions themselves.

It is doubtful this challenge will be taken seriously by religious leaders. However, it should be taken very seriously by Christians, who should hold their leaders up to the highest standards - as wisdom and insight are required to be a leader. Or, Christian leaders are no better than the false politicians who contributed to America's social and moral decay.

Please share this post, and spread the word -- we are in need of a true Leader (one with wisdom and insight who can lead this world from death to light).

You may view Wrina Iamwe’s submission online Free at: AdvanCN.org - Pages 115 to 120;  Or  on the Discussion Forum at Penbyte.com

You can obtain a full color print edition of the 485-page manuscript from Penbyte.com or a CD with the flip eBook and all evidence files.
Click Here

Wrina Iamwe requests that if you wish to purchase a copy of the book or the ebook that you purchase them directly from AdvanCN.org or Penbyte.com  – who will receive 100 percent of the funds for their Global Peace and Economic Equality Initiative funds.