Take 1-minute to determine your true value, and the compensation you would receive if you lived in a truly Democratic and Equitable world.

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  1.  Enter your date of Birth
  2. Leave Life Span Expectancy at 86
  3. Enter the average hours you work each week
  4. Determine how difficult your work actually is
  5. Enter your education level
  6. Select the level of your current position: staff, manager etc. 
  7. If you work the late shift, enter the shift differential for pay
  8. Skip Bonus Calculation
  9. Select update to view compensation

Determine Maximum Compensation

  1. After you complete the steps above, go to the Maximum Compensation tab
  2. Complete Per week  Hours
  3. Select Update to view your life-time earning cap.
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When you compare AdvanCN's Global Compensation Standards
to your current salary, are you underpaid or overpaid?
Which system of establishing compensation is fair?

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