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Mineism Capitalism Psychosis

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Scientists and Doctors are tapping into and understanding the constructs of the natural world and have created lucrative industries based on the exploration and exploitation of the processes made use of by our natural world and universe.

Though many corporations, scientists, and doctors, will not admit it, they have never created anything unique. They explore, gain understanding of, exploit, and mimic nature – God. They promote and ardently defend an agenda of patentization for the sole purpose of a religious like profitism to further the zealot ideology of mineism (mine, mine, mine). Mineism is the disease of psychotic resource procurement for self-preservation and profit regardless of the detriment to life and land of others. Mineism is not a mental disease exclusive to the elite, it has infected populations such as Nazi Germany, and is a cult norm for military soldiers, and every day civilian consumers.

Most agree that there is nothing wrong with making a profit and that one should be compensated for their "discoveries" (the documented process of the formulations that result in the replication and slight alternation of nature).  But, to what extent is the destruction of the environment and societies, to feed and clothe ourselves, acceptable? Self-extinction seems to be the acceptable answer, based on our obesity rates, environmental destruction, and our lack of conservation. 

Once, scientists sought to understand our world and the reactions and effects of nature purely for curiosity and the betterment of mankind, as did the prehistoric practitioners of the human mental condition who founded religion (and later psychology). Both were unprofitable idealistic endeavors of hard work with low pay. Now, they all are equal exploiters that have surrendered to the sickness of the corporate, capitalist, and for-profit mindset that seeks to exploit every resource and opportunity (man, land, beasts, and religion).

Many find it difficult to drawn the line between what is fair compensation and what is capital or corporate abuse. Everyone wants and needs a share, and are complicit in the enterprise of global abuses, at least all citizens of “first world” developed countries.

Man still believes the concept of continuous growth and profit (greed) to be advantageous, and readily accepts the exploitation of other beings and nations for self and national interest, without shame. This ignorant understanding of life and the universe is atheistic – belief that there is truly no reason for our existence and no supreme law that governs the actions of man; and will be the catalyst for the destruction of mankind and the environment, and continues to destroy the possibility of social stability and world peace.

Capitalism, though initially productive, is a disease if unconstrained by law, or if it is controlled by corrupt legislators.

The psychosis of hording knowledge and resources for self advantage, and profiteering for self-benefit has spread the epidemic of capital-punishment beyond the prison system. Capital-Punishment can now be defined as the loss of life because of the lack of access to resources, opportunity, education and democracy—and is a death sentence not limited to those who have been incarcerated for inhumane acts.

Until mankind understands how far removed they are from God: nature, logic, Original Law, and Creation our current form of Capitalism will be just another blight on an already blood stained record for the human race, and nothing will change:

·         The world will not be a better place.

·         The economy will not improve and will be in continuous flux and alteration, because it lacks the root conception of right minded law and logic.

·         Man, though their life span may extend, will not advance.

·         Imperialistic Exploitation of People, Nations, and Resources will continue

·         Tensions will escalate and no land will be without war (including the United States – which fails to acknowledge the just concerns and discord of the minority).

The understanding of God which can be referred to as science, is vital to our union with each other and God,  and our understanding of life and right and wrong. The understanding of the nuances of what nature has created, will eventually lead men with a conscience to one conclusion, the incredibility of life, the intricacy of the processes to bring it about (a feat no man can duplicate, and no man should ever claim ownership of) proves there is a God, a reason for our existence, and therefore consequences for our actions.

The attempt at ownership of and alteration to what God has created has and will continue to lead to the downfall of man:

·         Human Slavery

·         Animal Slavery

·         Land and Vital Resource Ownership

·         Genetically altered food

·         Concentrations of and extracts of the natural products of Creation

o    Alcohol

o    Soda

o    Sugar

o    Oils …

There are many idealized concepts whose initial intentions were well meant, or conceived to hinder negative effects on the human condition, body, and mind, which the rigidity of tradition, profit-mindsets, and the indignity of disgrace maintains today – for which, the reform of capitalism, balanced by socialism and true democracy, must be initiated to prevent further harms..

I believe in the exploration of science, though not always with its results and motives, and support the furtherance of its efforts and hope that it, unlike religion, embraces open criticism, and unhinges its reliance on corporatism and profit – and believe it to be a societal necessity that our education, science, and political systems be free of corporate monetary entanglements.

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