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      Adjust the rates in the calculator to gauge you dividend potential.   Understand Revenue Dividend Share Percentage  
        Example Content Category: Movies  
        You have a 2-hour movie or documentary you wish to distribute  
        U.S.   Annual   80%  
      2018 Goal   Members Territory   Revenue   Div Max.    
        Membership Price $9.99  
        Total Monthly Revenue          
    * Select Range   Dividend Call Rate
      Annual Expenses based on Average Div. Call Rate  
      30%-80%   Monthly Dividend Pool            
        Content Measures       Annual Dividend Potential    
        Average View Time          
    Usage Average
      Hours per day 6.00 (Base determinant for Div. Rate)    
        2 Viewer Screens      
        Hours per month      
        Minutes per month      
        Potential Consumption Minutes      
        Based on Membership Level:        
        Dividend Rate per Average Viewing Minute  
        Monthly   Annual    
    * Adjust Total Viewers   Your Monthly Viewers & Repeat Views      
      $ Every time someone watches your content   Total Viewer Minutes (2-hrs / 120 minutes)        
        Potential Monthly Dividend        
        Weighted Dividend Structure    
    * Adjust Content Rating   Viewer Rating - Monthly Avg.
      Rating Percentage    
        Rated Dividend     5 4 3 2 1    
            100% 90% 80% 50% 40%    
        Vested & Distribution Monthly Annual    
      100%   Vested - Exclusive Distribution    
    * Adjust Non-Vested %   Non Vested Percentage
      65% -85%   Non Vested - Multiple Distributors    
        Percentage to Content Creation Fund Rating based Non Vested    
        From Rating Percentage & Non Vested Distribution    
      Potential Earnings Over Time  
    * Select Vested or Non   Calculate Dividend Share Over Time
      Annual Avg.   Monthly Avg.  
        Annual Rate Over Time Increase/Decrease %   Viewers & Repeats   Viewers & Repeats  
      Change %   Year 1
      Change %   Year2
      Change %   Year 3
      Change %   Year 4
      Change %   Year 5
      Change %   Year 6
      Change %   Year 7
      Change %   Year 8
      Change %   Year 9
      Change %   Year 10
        Total Earnings Over Time        
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