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Amen Code eBook (4 formats)

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Width: 9 in
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Paperback, Hard Cover, eBook, Digital, Video

Pages: 464

Master Class - Video Series

Evidence Charts Documents & Links

Part II: Project InDivisible

Alternative Book Titles: After Life, Beyond Star Trek



If you believe in Heaven and Hell  
You believe in Multiple Universes and Parallel Dimensions 


The Bible only tells half the story, that of the material realm, and the Hebrew connection. The ancient Gnostic scriptures found in Upper Egypt tell the rest of the story. And, hold within them Jesus’ testimony of the Heavens he descended from.

The Amen Code mathematically deciphers the ancient codes within the sacred text to reveal the Heavens, the Abyss, and the process of ascendance. It is the answer to the quest of man’s origins, and proof of immortality.

The evidence in the Amen Code mathematically confirms God through Jesus' Gnostic and Biblical teachings and exposes the corruption of organized religion.

The Amen Code details the process for decoding the sacred texts and mathematically confirms the existence of multiple universes, parallel dimensions, the Heavens, reincarnation, and the afterlife with the “Predictive Result Standard” science requires. 

The Amen Code guides you through the process of deciphering the divine codes so you can confirm for yourself if God sent man a sign of his existence and a message. 

Explore the biblical prophecies that reveal the reason the bible was written and decipher the plans that were coded into the Bible to stabilize and secure our global social and economic systems.



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